Bunsoy Services

                                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Our agreed Transit Times are not guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances from the airlines or the Shipping Lines, these are purely beyond our control and subject to customs clearance/examinations at destinations. We will communicate to customers appropriately on the status and progress of their shipments.

If Shipments/cargos are delayed due to circumstances beyond our control from the Shipping Line / Airline, Bunsoy Services Ltd can not be held responsible nor liable for any loss or inconveniences suffered by the customer as a result of the delay.

For Airfreights, we require full payment before Cargos can be forwarded for Export unless customers have been given a 30days Invoice settlement arrangement.

For Sea Freight / Container shipments, we require an initial deposit of a minimum of 40% of the total charges to secure bookings for customers, once the deposit has been paid, customers have up to 7days before the loading date to cancel within the UK.

Once a deposit has been paid to us, for late cancellations or cancellations that are less than 7days before the loading date, the initial deposit will be lost or reduced and calculated against administrative, packaging, handling, loading or unloading, storage, and any other charges.

Customer / Shipper notes that all goods will be checked weighed and measured at our depot and again by the airline/shipping line. Should cargo weigh or volume to more than the original declared, then additional charges must be paid by the customer /shipper prior to departure/arrival, we will send the customer/shipper an alert to confirm if they want to proceed or not.

The Customer / Shipper states that they hereby confirm that they are the shipper of goods and is a true description of their consignment.

Shipper/customer confirms that they have received, read, and completed the Prohibited Items Guide and confirm there are no Dangerous/Hazardous goods within their shipment.

Customer / Shipper confirms that none of their Cargo originates from terrorism and is meant for terrorism activities.

Bunsoy Services Ltd will ensure that goods are packaged and handled in professional and utmost care to ensure that goods are safe from our Warehouse to the Airline / Shipping Line but Customers / Shipper is advised to make provisions for their insurance as Bunsoy Services Ltd will not be liable for loss/damage to their goods.

Shipper / Customer is aware that if their shipment is not insured, then if cargo is lost or damaged they are unable to make a claim and accept that Bunsoy Services Ltd will not accept any liability for loss or damage to their goods.

For Door to Port international shipments, the Customer /shipper is aware that on arrival there will be destination charges to pay, such as Customs Clearance, Import Duties, and Tax, Storage, examination, quarantine cost, etc.

For Door to Warehouse collection international shipments, customers must collect their loads within 7days to avoid storage charges, if goods are not collected within 30 days, we will reserve the right to dispose of the goods without prior notice.

If customers don’t have storage /warehousing arrangements with us, We reserve the right to charge storage for the goods, we will send reminders to customers regularly through communication media on their storage charges. We will then give customers up to 90days to collect their goods, if they fail to collect the goods we will dispose of their goods after 90days, any storage charges accrued will be paid by the customer as well before goods can be released within the 90days period.

For Vehicle delivery to Port, the customer/shipper is aware of the maximum gross weight, as we will not be held liable or responsible if delivery is refused by the Shipping Line, all the recovery vehicle /truck cost for a return journey will be transferred to the customer accordingly.

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